August 25, 2008

Mikey's 5th Birthday

Mikey had a huge week. First, he started it off with losing a tooth on Sunday. You can kind of see it in this picture. It is on the lower left (his left). The tooth fairy paid him a visit, and brought him a five dollar bill. He went to Dollar Tree the next day and spent it on Dinosaurs. On Thursday we celebrated his birthday by taking him to an arcade and to the Dinosaur Park. We had a lot of fun, and he loved all of his presents. One of his favorites is his very own Denver "Donkey" uniform. What a cutie! We had his actual party on Saturday, and all of his cousins and his friends Edward and Charlie came over. He got tons of Hot Wheels and other toys. He is so spoiled! It's really hard to believe that my little guy is five already. He has a lot of big events coming up in the next couple of weeks. He will be starting preschool, and his religious classes. His first Soccer game was actually on Saturday, but he chickened out and didn't want to play. He doesn't have a game this Saturday, so we're hoping that he'll get more brave for his game in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!

August 19, 2008

The Treehouse Museum

Wow, I'm really behind on posting. Honestly, there hasn't been that much going on besides watching the Olympics. Today Gretchen and I took our kids to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. We try to do a mini-party for our boys' birthdays every year. We had an EXCELLENT time, and I highly recommend a trip to the museum to anyone with kids. Mikey had a blast although I'm not sure that he really saw anything since he ran through that place like a tornado. Jovie had a lot of fun too, but she definitely wanted to spend a little more time at each exhibit. There is one room where there is nothing but a bunch of musical instruments. Let me tell you that it was VERY loud, but so much fun. Afterward we went to Costa Vida and had some lunch. They have a glass wall where you can see people surfing on a simulated wave in the next room. I can't wait until all of the other businesses are finished in that area of Ogden. It feels a lot like the Gateway to me. I'll be posting more this week after Mikey's birthday on Thursday.

August 3, 2008

What's Really Important & Breaking Dawn

Ok, so I'm about halfway through Breaking Dawn. It's SO GOOD! If you haven't made it to page 350, or so then you need to stop reading this blog, grab your book, and speed read to get to that part. I'm hoping to be finished with the rest by tonight, but might have to wait until tomorrow.

On a different note. We took the kids to a children's mass today at St. Mary's. We hadn't been to one in awhile, but Mikey was still very excited to participate. There was one part where the priest asks the kids what they would like to pray for. He handed the microphone around the room and most of the kids were saying things like "My Sister"."My Family", "My Grandpa". Can anyone guess what Mikey would like all of us to pray for?? Let me just say that it wasn't any of those things, and it wasn't Ajax, not Bud, not even his friends.......... Mikey announced to the whole parish that he would like us to pray for his dinosaurs. I had to seriously contain my laughter. So, if you could, would you please say a little prayer for Mikey's dinos today.