August 19, 2008

The Treehouse Museum

Wow, I'm really behind on posting. Honestly, there hasn't been that much going on besides watching the Olympics. Today Gretchen and I took our kids to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. We try to do a mini-party for our boys' birthdays every year. We had an EXCELLENT time, and I highly recommend a trip to the museum to anyone with kids. Mikey had a blast although I'm not sure that he really saw anything since he ran through that place like a tornado. Jovie had a lot of fun too, but she definitely wanted to spend a little more time at each exhibit. There is one room where there is nothing but a bunch of musical instruments. Let me tell you that it was VERY loud, but so much fun. Afterward we went to Costa Vida and had some lunch. They have a glass wall where you can see people surfing on a simulated wave in the next room. I can't wait until all of the other businesses are finished in that area of Ogden. It feels a lot like the Gateway to me. I'll be posting more this week after Mikey's birthday on Thursday.

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