August 3, 2008

What's Really Important & Breaking Dawn

Ok, so I'm about halfway through Breaking Dawn. It's SO GOOD! If you haven't made it to page 350, or so then you need to stop reading this blog, grab your book, and speed read to get to that part. I'm hoping to be finished with the rest by tonight, but might have to wait until tomorrow.

On a different note. We took the kids to a children's mass today at St. Mary's. We hadn't been to one in awhile, but Mikey was still very excited to participate. There was one part where the priest asks the kids what they would like to pray for. He handed the microphone around the room and most of the kids were saying things like "My Sister"."My Family", "My Grandpa". Can anyone guess what Mikey would like all of us to pray for?? Let me just say that it wasn't any of those things, and it wasn't Ajax, not Bud, not even his friends.......... Mikey announced to the whole parish that he would like us to pray for his dinosaurs. I had to seriously contain my laughter. So, if you could, would you please say a little prayer for Mikey's dinos today.

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