Our Life With Carter

Our time with Carter ended up being a lot shorter than we had expected.  We knew that he would probably have a shortened lifespan, but had no idea that God had planned on it being only 14 months.

After we brought Carter home from the NICU, life was chaotic and hectic. We were in a new world of parenting a special needs child, but soon fell into the roles. It was incredibly hard, but INCREDIBLY amazing at the same time.  Every single accomplishment that Carter made was celebrated by our family and friends.  We are proud of Carter, and feel blessed to be his family. Click here to read more about Carter's Life At Home

Carter left us to go to Heaven on May 30, 2010.  He had a standard surgery, and when they tried to extubate him his entire trachea collapsed.  This was when we learned that his heart had been pretty much strangling his airway causing devastating damage.  We had some hard decisions to make, and felt that it was best to leave it in God's hands.

God decided to take Carter to Heaven on that day, and left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.  We choose to praise God even through this pain, and try to keep the mindset that this time away from Carter is only a very small paragraph in time and all eternity. I find one of the most healing things for me is to blog by writing letters to my little boy. This is why all of my posts now begin with "Dear Carter"

We hope to be with you again one day little Carter. We miss you more than you can imagine.