October 9, 2008

A Day At The Fire Station

Michael's football team took a trip to the grand opening of Clinton City's new Fire Station last week. Mikey went along with him, and thought that it was awesome. Not only did he get to sit in a fire truck, but he got to help put out a fire. He also got to see a helicopter land.

There really hasn't been much else happening around here. Jovie has decided that she is really a princess and insists on wearing a head band every day (which she calls her crowww (crown)). She simply can not wait until Halloween when she can wear her new princess dress. Mikey has told me all month that he wanted to be a football player for Halloween, so I figured that we were set since he already has a uniform. Unfortunately he has now changed his mind and wants to be a dragon. I guess that I'm going to be doing some more costume shopping this weekend.

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