December 3, 2008

It's The Little Things...

We've had an interesting week so far. Michael was called to go to Nevada because of a big derailment that needs to be fixed. Right now it's looking like he won't be home for most of this month. He will definitely be home for our big appointment with the Perinatologist next week, but will most likely have to go back right after that. The kids and I miss him so much, but we're handling things just fine. I'm really thankful that he has a good and steady job that allows him to provide for our family, and him going out of town occasionally is just part of it. Other than that, there's really not much new going on here. I've been busy selling on Ebay, and trying to finish up our Christmas shopping. On a good note, Mikey is now sleeping through the night without a Pull-Up. It has been an entire week with no accidents. I'm so proud of him, and glad that I don't have to buy those anymore. Now I'm down to Jovie in pull-ups at night, and a new baby to start all over again with :)

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