September 7, 2010


The fundraiser for Carter's One Smile page is set to begin this Thursday, September 9th. You can preview some of the items here:

Pinkebody's Store

I am so SO thankful to April, and all of the very talented ladies who donated items for this fundraiser. I appreciate each and every one of you for your generosity. Thank You!

The proceeds go to Operation Smile which is an organization that funds surgeries to repair cleft lips and palates. All donations are made in Carter's name. Our goal with this fundraiser is to raise enough for AT LEAST one surgery. Can you believe that one surgery only costs $240, and it changes a child life FOREVER?!?! Think about far.....because of least 7-8 children will have this life-changing surgery, and we can help even more!

I would greatly appreciate it if you could at least just click on the link above to see if there is something that you like....there is more to be listed so be sure to check back on Thursday morning. If you don't spot something, then please consider a donation in Carter's name using the banner on the left of our blog. Every single penny counts!

PLEASE feel free to spread the word about this fundraiser on blogs, message boards, and Facebook. The more people we can make aware of this charity, the better! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

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Kristin said...

I saw an "Operation Smile" semi-truck on the freeway last week and thought of you :)