December 7, 2011

Festival Fun

Dear Carter, This year we decided to approach the festival a bit differently. Last year we took your brother and sister on one of the busiest nights, and they didn't really enjoy it too much. This year we took them during the day, and it worked out perfectly because Jovie had a dance recital which fell on the day we had planned on going. She was thrilled to dance at the Festival, and she practiced and practiced. It really showed too because she rocked it!! When we got there, we took a trip around the building to take a look at all of your trees. They loved them all, and were especially excited to see that we had won the tree they had decorated.

After looking at a few other trees, we decided to try out the Kid's Corner where Mikey got put inside of a big bubble.
They both made a phone call to an Elf at the North Pole (sooooo cute!!)

Jovie got a quick manicure before her performance...

and then she was all ready to go!
I think that they both had a great time down there, and I hope that they look forward to it again next year!

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