December 1, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Dear Carter,

Today starts the 25 days of Christmas.  It really seems as though it has crept up on me this year which is silly since I've been decorating your tree for so long.

On Tuesday night, your Daddy, Aunt Stacy, Cousin Samantha, and I headed down to Opening Night at The Festival Of Trees.  They all look so much different with the lights dimmed and the clutter cleaned up off of the floor.  When we saw your trees for the first time that night, we realized that we hadn't really gotten the full effect of them until that moment.  The bidding started, and there was a LOT of pacing and walking by your trees over and over again to see if they had received a bid.  I can happily report that ALL of your trees sold, and every penny of those donations will be donated to Primary Children's Hospital. Despite the butterflies in our stomachs, it really was a delightful night, and I'll definitely want to go back again next year.

On Wednesday, we were blessed to have the opportunity to see Jovie dance at the Festival.  She did a fabulous job, and we couldn't be prouder of her.  She knew the full weight that she was dancing for you, and she practiced her little heart out.  I'll definitely have to post a video of it when I get it on the computer.  Afterward, we took a look at all of your trees, and let your brother and sister explore the rest of the festival.  They got to have their picture taken with Santa, and do all of the fun kid activities that they missed out on last year.  We really wanted them to remember this festival as a fun time, and something they will look forward to every year.

As happy as I am to participate in this festival every year, it was still hard to leave your tree there knowing that I most likely will never see it again.  We've been working on it for a year now, and it feels weird not having it here.  I guess that just means that we need to start on your tree for next year.  We are definitely trying to give back one tree at a time!

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Kristin said...

Only saw one Carter tree - but loved it!