August 30, 2012

When One Door Closes...

Dear Carter,

Today has just been a no good very bad day.  Plain and simple.

Of course it could be a lot worse, I've been there, but it's still been a no good very bad day.

I was told on Tuesday that there was a possibility that there wouldn't be a job for me at your brother and sister's school this year.  I've been stressing and waiting to hear, and finally got the news today.  There is no job for me.

Although it's because of student numbers vs. funding, I still feel as though I've been fired.  It's like a great big kick in the gut after all of the hard work I've put into that job. My heart is broken because I really REALLY loved that job.  I loved the relationships I've built there, and having somewhere to go and something to do every day. It kept my mind off of the missing you.

Now I'm back at that crossroads, and I'm just not sure which direction God is wanting me to go in.  I am trying hard to keep the mindset that all of this happens for a reason, and that there is a purpose to this....but I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.  It's just too soon.  I'll get there quick, I promise.

To add to all of this stress, your Grandpa's dear friend went to Heaven late last week, and then this morning your Grandma and Grandpa's doggie, Sadie, joined you as well.  Please keep Grandma and Grandpa close to you right now. They need lots of love.

The good news is that I will be around a lot more to work on all of your stuff.  I love you so much my little sweetie....just waiting for the sun to shine again.


I Just Love You said...

i am constantly trying to be positive and think that "everything happens for a reason." But some days, days like today, I don't want to and i think that is ok too. sometimes it's alright to cry and be angry and things that have been thrown at you. take care and i hope you have a better day soon.

Phyllis said...

I'm sorry Heather. That is a bummer. I definitely feel like the job found you right when you needed it and I'm sure God will lead you in a new direction.