July 17, 2008

A day at the bowling alley...

The Wii has become quite the addiction in our family. It has even stemmed to my mother who will stop by to "see the kids" and play a game of bowling with Mikey. He absolutely loves that his Grandma is willing to play a video game with him.
Last Friday night, my parents stopped by for a little visit. There has been an ongoing challenge between Mike and my mom as to who is the better bowler (I must say that my mom is actually quite good considering she never even mastered the workings of Mario...lol!). Anyhow, the challenge was brought up again and the Wii was broken out to test the strengths of all who were up to the challenge. Let's take a look at the competitors...
First, we have Grandma (sorry that this one is blurry). The thing to know here is that Mikey designed this Mii to match her COMPLETELY on his own. He did a pretty dang good job. Grandma was quite excited that during the five-game challenge she gained enough points to hit her Pro status and claim a new ball as her own.

Second, we have Mikey who for a four year old can really knock down those pins. He recently added some class to his Mii with the added freckles.

Now we have Grandpa. Once again, Mikey designed the Mii all by himself. We think that Dad looks more like a child predator in this depiction, so we're going to be making some changes. One thing that will stay is the mustache that has earned him the name of "Two-Turtle" since it looks like a turtle with two heads.
Last, we have Mike who designed his Mii himself. He also earned a new ball during the course of the game to which Mikey replied "That ball ain't helpin' you any". He's becoming quite the little trash talker.

The five game challenge came to an end with Grandma winning the whole shebang! What did that win her? An invitation over for dinner the next day when we cooked a Pork Loin in the "Big Easy" and some Dutch Oven Potatoes. It was quite yummy, and of course another Wii challenge followed (which Mike was the champion of).

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