September 9, 2008

What About Me?

Yesterday I took my kids into Jamba Juice to get a smoothie with a gift card that I've had since my birthday in March. I only ordered one because I figured that I could just share a little with my kids after we got home. I picked up my drink, and as we were leaving Jovie stopped in the middle of the store and said "Mama, what about me?". She was wondering where her drink was, and she said it in the sweetest most innocent voice. Right then I thought to myself, What about Jovie? I've been so focused on Mikey lately with all of his new events, and haven't really given Jovie the props that she deserves. Luckily today she started her new dance class which is a Mom and Tot class that gave me some alone time with her. She did SO well with it. I was very impressed by the way that she picked it up so quickly. She walked on the balance beam without any help from me, and even did a few somersaults all by herself. I'm really proud of how big she is getting. Jovie is definitely growing out of the Toddler stage and into the Little Girl stage. She now has to let us know what her favorite things are. She reminds us that Purple is her favorite color and Ajax is her favorite dog (I'm not sure where she gets that from hmmmm) every single day. Her most favorite person in the entire world is her Daddy. Rightly so since he's one of my favorite people too!

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