March 15, 2009

The Aquarium

Last weekend was our last huge hurrah! before we turn into a family of five (that seems weird to say). We took the kids to the Living Aquarium in Sandy. They had seen a commercial on TV about it, and really wanted to see some sharks and stingrays. Jovie seemed a little concerned that the sharks might eat her, but we assured her that she would be fine. They had a touch pond where the kids could actually touch stingrays, but neither of them dared to. We all know that I have a serious problem with all types of sea life, so there was no touching for me either. Jovie seemed like she might get the nerve too, but chickened out in the end. If you ask her about it now, she'll say that we need to go back so she can touch the stingray. Mikey did touch a starfish. Actually he picked the darn thing up. I don't think that he realized that it was real. It was a really fun time, and the kids talked about it all week long. The highlights for them were the Octopus and the shark tank.

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