March 31, 2009

Heading South

Little Carter is still having a hard time digesting his food. After consulting with the doctor, we've decided that it is best for him to be transported to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Although we absolutely HATE the idea of having him so far away, we know that this is really what's best for him. The specialists down there can start to help him with all of his issues, and we can really get the ball rolling on his recovery. We also got some more good news today. An Opthalmologist checked his eyes, and he believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his sight. This is a huge relief for us. We will update again after he gets settled into his new place.


Angelic said...

Still praying for you guys <3


The Bender Family said...

Heather and Fam: He is absolutely adorable! What a special little guy to come to your family. Good luck with everything! We're thinking of you!