June 15, 2009


Carter started off the day with a huge bang when he took 28 cc's from a bottle. That is a HUGE step for him since the most he's ever taken is 20 and that was on a rare occasion. It wasn't even so much the amount he took, but more his enthusiasm for taking it. I can see that he's really starting to enjoy bottle feeds which can only help him to improve. His Occupational Therapist wants him to try taking the bottle with every feeding during the day. We only got to try it a few times today because of a doctor's appt, but at his night feeding he took another 35!!! That's half of a full feeding for him. We couldn't be prouder of our big boy.

He had an ENT appointment today, and it went pretty well. Nothing much happened except for making a game plan for Carter's future procedures. The doctor told us that he's going to wait until September to fix Carter's lip and put a tube in his ear. We were told in the NICU that it would happen in a couple of weeks, and the thought of a hospital stay so soon was pretty daunting so I must say that we feel relieved that Carter can have some time to just grow.

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