June 30, 2009

Carter's First Surgery

After many times of going back and forth, we've finally decided on a surgeon to do Carter's first surgery. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Siddiqi, will be doing it on August 26th. His plan is to repair the lip, insert a prosthetic hard palate, and stitch together the soft palate on that day. Carter will also get a tube put in his ear. He will have to spend at least one night in the hospital, maybe more depending on how well he does afterward. When he turns one year old, they will completely repair the soft palate and replace the prosthetic with a bigger size. At the age of two, they will completely repair the hard palate. We met with the doctor today, and he also wants us to get a test done soon to find out if there is anything they can do to help Carter with his facial palsy. Michael and I are really excited for Carter's surgery, but know that it's going to be bittersweet since our baby's face is going to change drastically. Carter is scheduled to have another echocardiogram done tomorrow to check his heart. After that we are free from major appointments until July 14th.

Not much else to report around here. We've just been hanging around the house. Michael got the kids a really cool swimming pool and they played in it ALL.WEEKEND.LONG. Needless to say, they were exhausted by the time Monday came around. Mikey's still being an awesome big brother and always concerned if Carter has his "ochijen" in his nose, and Jovie's mostly concerned with if Carter has a dirty diaper or not. Leave it to the man to be concerned with the really important stuff and the woman to worry about the smaller things lol!

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