July 1, 2009


Carter had his first Cardiology appointment today. The good news is that the mass in his heart has stayed the same size. The Dr. still thinks that it will eventually reabsorb into the tissue in his heart. The bad news is that the echo showed that Carter's Pulmonary Hypertension is getting a little worse. He had a trace amount of it when we left the hospital, and now has enough to get the doc concerned. The doc wants Carter to come back very soon to get another echocardiogram under anesthesia and on a ventilator... if it still shows the Hypertension then they want to send Carter to the cath lab to run some more tests to find out what they can do to help his heart. This explains why Carter's not making much progress on his weaning off of the oxygen and could also explain why he's had trouble with feeding. As much as I hate the idea of him going back to the hospital, being put under anesthesia, and getting on a ventilator it would be really nice if they could find a medication that could POSSIBLY help Carter with those issues. I'll find out on Friday when this will all happen, but it's sounding like next week. He will probably have to spend the night in the hospital :(


Phyllis said...

Mixed feelings for you I guess. Hope this discovery leads to more answers for you and the possiblity of resolving some of Carter's eating and breathing issues.

Megs said...

if I'm working that night I'd love to come visit you and Carter!