July 26, 2009

One Month

Forgive me if I post a lot of video and pictures of Carter smiling. First, it's a HUGE accomplishment for him. Second, we only have one month before that wide smile will be gone forever.

The kids had a blast this weekend. Michael took them to see Ice Age 3 on Saturday and they watched fireworks that night. Today we took the whole family to Kohl's to get Mikey and Jovie new backpacks for school and when we got home they played on their waterslide and then Grandma, Grandpa, and TJ's family came over for a BBQ. It was a busy weekend, but a lot of fun!


Phyllis said...

Cute Cute Cute!! love the videos! backpacks already? you're way too organized!

Moosman Fam said...

How sweet! I am so glad you shared Carter's precious smile! Sounds like you are all doing well... home really is the best place to heal.

Chrissy said...

He is beautiful.