July 9, 2009


We have to be at the hospital at 7:00 am tomorrow morning to check in for Carter's tests. We've had a lot of questions as to what these tests entail, so here is a basic explanation (from the world of Wiki lol!). A cath lab is when a catheter is inserted into a large artery, and various wires and devices can be inserted through the body via the catheter which is inside the artery. In Carter's case they will be doing this in his heart to measure the pressure each chamber is giving when it pumps blood. The doctor doing this is actually a specialist in Carter's heart condition (pulmonary hypertension), so hopefully he can come up with a really good plan to treat it. Since Carter has that small mass in his heart, this procedure is a little risky, but we're confident that he's in good hands. Hopefully since he's one of the first ones scheduled for tomorrow, he won't have to spend the night.

I got some one-on-one time with Mikey today. He's getting big so fast, and talked my ear off. Unfortunately it was to take him to the doctor. The poor kid just barely started to complain that his ears were hurting, so I took him in to get them checked. Yep, he has a double ear infection. I'm really glad that we took him in when we did because he's starting to really act sick tonight. The meds should kick in soon so he'll be feeling better.

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