July 22, 2009

One Fine Day

It's days like these that make all of those bad days worth it. Carter has decided to show some of his personality and is finally smiling. We weren't completely sure that it was really a smile until his Occupational Therapist asked me today when Carter had started to smile. He thought that it was very obvious and couldn't believe that I had doubted it. I've been trying to catch the elusive "shrek" smile on camera, but whenever I pull the camera out Carter gets very serious. Mike (the occupational therapist) was impressed with how well Carter is moving around and feeding from the bottle. Basically he told us to keep on keepin' on with what we're doing. I did get a couple of cute pics of Carter today, and the top one is by far my new favorite. I snuck off his Oxygen for another quick pic. Hopefully I can get a smiling one before the cleft is gone.


Laurel said...

Cute little guy!

Phyllis said...

He is so handsome (I love the pics without the oxygen)! Those eyes....he looks like a very serious soul!