July 12, 2009


Carter is struggling with his breathing. I HATE that we are back here again. He's currently on the high flow Oxygen, but it is possible that he'll have to move to the CPAP machine if he doesn't start to improve. Michael and I are beyond frustrated right now because our little boy was doing just fine at home and making huge gains every day, and now it feels like we're back where we started. The thing is that we were told that he really needed this Cath lab test, and when we asked if we could do another regular echocardiogram just to see if this last one got a bad reading, the doc told us that it wasn't necessary. Well, guess what?!? This test just confirmed what all of the older echos had shown... that the hypertension was just a trace amount, so all of this was for NOTHING. It was a waste of time, and put our baby back in the ICU. I would probably feel a lot different if we had found something that could potentially help Carter in the future, but no...instead it hurt him. I always try to remain positive in the light of the situation, but I'm finding it hard to right now. I'm scared to death that this "one night in the hospital" is going to turn into 1 week, then 1 month and we'll lose all of the progress that Carter has made on his development. I'm really sorry for the vent today... maybe I'll feel a little more positive tomorrow.


Phyllis said...

I'm so sorry Heather. We will ask our church family to pray for him this morning. no apologies are necessary for the vent. You are a very strong awesome mom! Praying for Carter.

Moosman Fam said...

I'm so sorry for the set-back. I can totally understand your frustration. It always helps to get things out of your system.... best wishes and prayers sent your way!