October 6, 2009


Carter had his hearing test today.  He was supposed to be asleep for this test, but of course refused to cooperate, so they started out trying to do it while he was awake.  Since everything took a long time with him being awake, we were only able to do the left ear.  We found out that his hearing hasn't changed much since the last test meaning that the fluid in his ear wasn't a factor in his hearing loss.  The Audiologist tried a version of the BAHA on him, and we found that Carter's type of hearing loss wouldn't be helped by it so it's out the window.  Basically, the plan is to try the test again in two weeks when we can do the right ear as well and then get him fitted for a hearing aid.  Michael and I are ready to get him into one so we can see what kind of progress he'll make once he can start to hear a little better. 

Tomorrow is an appointment with the Dysphagia clinic.  It is a team of doctors including a dietician and feeding specialist to help Carter progress even further with his feeding.  It all seems a little overwhelming to me, so I'll be glad to have this one over with.

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