October 24, 2009

Sleep Study

Our busy week has finally ended...wahoo!!  The house is eerily quiet since the two older kids went to "Boo at the Zoo" with the grandparents, and Carter is napping.  The sleep study went well.  It felt a little weird sleeping in a room where the intercom was constantly on and the camera as well.  Carter slept through the night and seemed to sleep pretty comfortably.  We won't find out the results until November 5th.  His hearing aid has also been ordered, so now all we do is wait for November 3rd to come.  I'm so excited for it that it seems like that day is forever away.  We don't have much planned for this week.  Mostly just Halloween parties for the two older kids.  I'll post pics of their costumes soon. Also, Carter will start physical therapy on Monday.

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Kellie (a.k.a craftyk) said...

Hi team carter! I happened among your blog from your button on another blog (which one?? cannot remember :0)
Carter is such a sweetie, sounds like he is a fighter. I was reading bits and pieces of your blog, seen you "like the lions" are you from or in michigan? we live in MI.
Anyway, love your blog!