August 4, 2010


Dear Carter,

I'm so tired, but really wanted to write to you tonight. I missed you so very much know why because you were there with me. I saw that little butterfly flutter on by. Thank you, it gave me the strength I needed.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Mikey and Jovie to Thanksgiving Point. They have a huge dinosaur museum, and some sort of farm thingy. I think that I'm more excited for this outing than your brother and sister are. These days I love doing new things with them, and really listening to what they have to say about it. There is not one day that goes by where you are not brought up by Mikey, or Jovie at least once every hour, or so. They miss you too. As I was tucking Mikey in for the night, he asked if we could put some of your pictures up in his room. Of course we'll be working on that project in the next few days.

School is starting soon, and I'm scared to death to be alone. It's not a very welcome change, but I'll have to learn to deal with it. I may be spending a lot more time with you at the cemetery.

I love you. I miss you. Good night baby boy. I pray to dream of you again tonight.


Lacey said...

Oh Heather, that just makes me cry! Whenever you want to do lunch just let me know. Maybe after school starts!

Jessica said...

Heather your letters bring so much emotion with each word. You are such a beautiful person. How lucky for Carter to have you as his mom and him as your son. I think of little Carter daily. I think of your strength daily. Im not sure you know how inspirational you really are. Through your blog through your letters to your son I strive to be better.