July 31, 2010


Dear Carter,
One of the things that your life and death have taught me is that I really need to take time to appreciate the little things. When you were alive, I appreciated every moment that I got to hold you.... every new thing that you did...and every day that we got to spend together. There were several times when I would hold you in the middle of the night, and try my hardest to imprint how you felt and what you smelled like in my mind. I would thank God that you were my son, and pray that you would be here with me forever. I can remember several times when I would literally cry at the thought of you leaving.... because I always knew that it would probably happen at some point in my life, but never EVER thought it would be after only 14 months.
Now that you have grown your wings, I take comfort in appreciating the little things that remind me of you. As you know, I am always on the lookout for butterflies and pennies, but there are other little reminders too. Soon after your passing, a dear friend of mine told me that she was listening to the thunder and thinking about you, my sweet boy, playing the drums up in Heaven. She told me that there was definitely a party up there because she could hear it.
Tonight we are having a Summer rainstorm, and I can hear you playing away. Mikey asked me if the rain drops were your tears. I told him that if they were your tears, they were happy ones. So, play away my little one, play away! We're listening!

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Jhari said...

Oh Heather... hugs! I love this post of your for little Carter. He'll always be remembered.