July 23, 2010

Clinton City Parade

Dear Carter,
After the 5K run on Saturday, we met up with your Aunt April at the parade. Look at this! We finally got a decent picture of the two of us together....that is unheard of! Notice the butterfly shirt she is wearing just for you! I really wish that you could have been there. Jovie got to ride on one of the floats...she asked me if you'd be able to see her, and I assured her that you were most certainly watching.She threw candy out to Mikey as fast as she could. It was so cute! Afterward, we came home for a quick shower, and went back to the carnival to watch Jovie perform her dance routine. She did an excellent job. We're all so proud of her!
While we were walking through the carnival, we ran into one of mommy's old friends, Jena. She was visiting from Virginia. It was so exciting to see her, and it just made the day even better. Mikey and Jovie played on the waterslide with their cousins until it was time for fireworks. It was a truly almost perfect day.


Junior said...

cute pics, looks like a fun day.

We will be in Utah this coming Saturday and are staying in Spanish Fork.

Phyllis said...

Wow Jovie!!! What a superstar! So glad you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

Cute we actually look kinda like sisters in that pic lol. I always knew. Jovie was a doll in the parade and fireworks were really fun. It was an almost perfect day. Love you tons. April