December 30, 2010

Santa Claus

Dear Carter,
We decided to attend the children's Christmas party at church this year. It was a little hard to see all of the young babies made us miss you even more. They started off with a children's play of the nativity. Mikey and Jovie were both asked to participate as ponies, but only Jovie dared to do it. That's our girl! She did look quite nervous though. She had a little pony tail pinned to her skirt which you can see in the next picture below. Sooo cute!
Afterward, Papa Mouse read them Twas' The Night Before Christmas, and then the big man Santa made his appearance. Your brother and sister both sat on his lap and got some treats. It was a pretty exciting time. Jovie keeps asking me tons of questions about Santa, but the only question Mikey had for me was wondering if he would leave something for your grave in your stocking. What a sweet boy...always looking out for his brother and sister.

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