December 20, 2010


Dear Carter,
I'm a little behind on my blogging, so here it goes! This was our first Thanksgiving without you, so we changed things up a bit. We're trying very hard to create new memories. This year one of the new traditions was a pie making day with Great Grandma. We went over to The Miller's house so she could teach us how to make pie crust. We are usually the type of family to eat store bought pie, but not this year!
While we were busy with the baking, the kids each painted a train for your tree.

They turned out quite marvelous.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and we went back over the The Miller's house for a feast. We had three types of Turkey, and a ham. After dinner, the kids played on the little snowmobile. As you can see, they thought that was a blast!

Even Mommy and Daddy tried out the snowmobile, but we both fell off. HA! A couple of times!
Overall, it was a nice Thanksgiving, but the whole time we definitely felt that hole in our hearts. We missed you very much, but are so thankful that we had at least one Thanksgiving with you.

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