April 21, 2012

Sea World

Dear Carter,

I had been to Sea World one time before....back when your Daddy and I were dating, but it was a whole different experience going there with your brother and sister.  Somehow, I knew that you were there too!

Jovie's main goal through this whole trip was to see a dolphin, while Mikey's was to see a real shark.  We started off with the dolphins, and I was happy to see that we could get close to them, and actually touch them!  I have never actually touched a dolphin before, so for some reason I got a bit emotional about it.  They are crazy soft!!

Next we checked out all of the shows.  Your brother and sister loved every minute of it, but were REALLY loving the pet show.  It's all about the dogs in this family.  We even saw a Sea Lion who looked eerily like the Beefcake.
I simply amazed by the size of the Orca Whales.  As you can see, so were your brother and sister.
After checking out the exhibits, we decided to give The Journey To Atlantis ride a shot, and as you can see we got a bit drenched. Mikey loved the ride.....Jovie. Not so much.
Mikey loves his sharks!

Even more proof that you were there with us!

At the night time Sea Otter show where Mikey was laughing so hard, he couldn't catch his breath!  That Bif guy is hilarious!
We finished seeing everything on that first day, and didn't think that we would return to Sea World, but we all loved it so much, we went back a couple of days later. That time when we went to pet the dolphin.....well....you can see what happened.

There is certainly something magical about that place, and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to take another trip back there. We loved it!!  And if my theory about you and the sea is correct....I suspect that you do too!

I found out today that your buddy, Mike Smith, ran the Salt Lake City Marathon today while wearing his Team Carter shirt.  See baby boy, we are all still thinking of you, and loving you! 

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Kat Kat said...

Wow! Haven't checked out your blog site for quite a while.
So glad you're back! Loved reading about your fabulous trip.

Oh, and Happy Birthday yesterday!!