July 11, 2012


Dear Carter,

I'm still trying to play a little catch up here, and I'm blogging!!  Yay!

It's kind of funny the things that will make us all think of you.  A couple of months ago, there was a solar eclipse that everyone was quite excited about.  It was a pretty amazing site to see, and even your brother and sister got in on the action and took a peek through their pinhole papers.

 As we were finishing up, Jovie decided to draw a quick picture of what the sun had looked like.  After she drew it, she decided that it looked just like a C!  Of course, her next sentence was that you would have loved it because it was the first letter of your name.  So she drew this little picture to show you.
You have little wings and everything my sweet boy.  Oh that sister of yours, she has got to be your number one fan!!

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