May 20, 2009

26 CCs

Carter had another AMAZING day. First, he took 12 cc's out of a bottle for his therapist this morning. That's the most he's ever taken for her, so she was quite proud. I went up tonight and he took another 14 for me. Hopefully he can start to build a little more stamina to take more at each feeding.

Michael talked to the nurse practitioner today, and she told us that they still think that Carter has acid reflux even though the test didn't show it. They are going to continue to treat him for it, and see what happens. Right now it sounds like they are leaning toward sending him home with an NG tube which is a tube that goes into his nose and down into his stomach. Michael and I will have to learn how to place it in case Carter pulls it out. No problem... if it means that Carter can come home then we can handle it. The NP also told us that the thing that we need to concentrate on most is getting Carter to keep improving on the bottle. He can come home as soon as he has shown that he can take a lot of his food from it.

He did another amazing thing today. Tonight I was holding him in a sitting position to practice his head control, and he actually held his head up by himself for quite a long time. He did it three separate times. If he can keep improving on that, it will mean that he's not too far behind on that milestone. Carter says NO to developmental delay. I'm telling you... this kid's amazing!


Rachael said...

We've known since day one that he is an amazing baby and was blessed to come to a family as compassionate as yours. Keep fighting Carter. Thanks, Heather for posting about Gavin, we have needed all the prayers we can take. And I know they are working, he's trying to be more awake now. I think Gavin just wanted to be closer to Carter. Little stink. We need to meet and do lunch since we are in the same hospital. Love you guys hang in there.

Phyllis said...

Awesome job Carter!!!

The Bender Family said...

What a great update! So good to hear how good he's doing! Keep it up Carter! You're doing great kid!

Jenn said...

Wonderful news!!! Go Carter!! Continue to amaze everyone!