May 18, 2009


That is the one of the words I use to describe little Carter. I swear that I fall more in love with him every single day. He might have a lot of challenges ahead of him, but I just know that he's going to be simply amazing. He was certainly amazing today when he took another 15 cc's from a bottle. I really think that he could have taken more, but he had a serious diaper issue going on. His upper GI got postponed until tomorrow, so we need to keep our fingers crossed for good news. I think that Carter's almost to his finish line in the NICU... he just needs to keep up the amazing work.

On another note, Carter has a little friend named Gavin. Gavin was born a couple of days before Carter, and his daddy has been a friend of mine for 14 years (yes Chris, it's been that long). They were in the NICU together at the hospital they were both born at, and Gavin actually got to go home a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, he's now very sick with pneumonia, and is at the children's hospital with Carter. Their stories have been intertwining since the week they were born. Please keep little Gavin and his family in your prayers. He's a tough little kid, and is going to be just fine, but he could certainly use some prayers to help him through it.


Stephie said...

He's so sweet Heather! I'm glad things are going so well! <3

Anonymous said...

I have been following your little guy from day 1. Thank you for your plea for prayers for our little guy. God certainly gave them a tough road to travel together..... Gavin's grandma.