May 28, 2009


Carter had kind of a rough night last night. He was running a low grade fever and having minor respiratory issues. My first thought was that it was probably because he had gotten his vaccinations the night before. The nurse practitioner felt that was probably the case as well, but they have started running blood cultures (to check for infection) just to be sure. He seemed to be fine when we were there today, so I'm going to keep the faith that this was truly the problem.

I got to snuggle with him for a long time today, and it was so nice to imagine what it will be like when I can snuggle with him at home. He also took 8 cc's from a bottle for me. I think he could have done a little more, but he had such a big day that he got tired really quickly.

He also had another scan on his kidneys today to see if his urine was refluxing back into them. They found this problem when he first arrived at Primary, so they were just checking to see if it was still a problem... and it was. This just means that he'll have to stay on a low-grade antibiotic until he either outgrows it, or he gets it fixed with surgery. The antibiotic is to prevent a urinary tract infection. It's a fairly common problem, so it's just something that we'll have to continue to get checked. Not much else to report. He's going to have a sleep study done soon to determine if he has any sleep apnea.

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Phyllis said...

One of my friend's little girls is a "typical" child and she had that same reflux issue. They didn't discover it until she kept getting UTI's. She was on antibiotics for two years. She is four now and outgrew it.