May 27, 2009

Two Posts

Here's the update from yesterday, and I'll post one for today later tonight.

I got home so late last night that I completely forgot about the blog. Ooops! Carter had a good day yesterday. They are getting all of his tests and stuff done before the big day comes. He got his immunizations, another echo, and started his hearing test. We haven't heard the official results, but the nurse said that he didn't "completely pass" on his left ear and they haven't tested the right ear yet. We'll take "completely pass" as a good sign that he at least has some hearing on that side. Anything is better than nothing in our opinion. They didn't do the right ear because they needed some different equipment for it. Carter also passed off his car seat test, so now we just need to wait for him to get his feedings condensed before he takes a journey out of there.

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