September 3, 2009


He seems to be back into the groove of things. After his strike on sleep (that lasted 48 hours) he finally crashed last night at 8:00 and didn't really wake up until this afternoon except for his meals. Part of the glue they used on his lip fell off today, so now we can get a better look at the repair and for only being 8 days I think that it looks awesome! Carter has also been feeding really well all day, so that hurdle may have already been overcome.


Jenn said...

Just catching up Heather. You've had a lot going on at your house. Congrats to the kiddos on school! Carter looks absolutely adorable, as usual!

Michelle said...

He is absolutely precious! Just popping in from HCTS. Wishing Carter and the rest of the family nothing but the best!

Rachael said...

Unreal, he looks amazing. 8 days post and wow. I am in tears again. I can't stand it, he is sooooo cute.