September 9, 2009

The Memo

Carter had the big appointment with his Pulmonologist today. It was supposed to be the one where we got him started on BiPap. Well, evidentally the doc got the memo that Carter's a Rock Star because she was "Very Impressed" with how "wonderfully" he's doing. She couldn't be happier with his labwork from his last hospital stay. We now have a new plan in place. Hooray!!

First, she wants to put him on a steroid for the next five days. He's been having some struggles with his breathing whenever he gets really upset. It typically results in him passing out which is always a lot of fun for Mommy and Daddy. The doc thinks that his airway is really vulnerable, and the steroids will help to strengthen it a little more. From everything she described, we think that she's least we're praying she is lol! The next plan is to start weaning him down on his Oxygen. The doc thinks that keeping him on a 1/2 liter is actually making him retain more CO2, so our new guideline is to keep him weaned to the smallest amount of O2 that we can get away with. We're supposed to call her in a month to schedule a sleep study where we'll decide if he really does need a CPAP or BiPap machine. We're going to just keep on keepin' on until then.

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updates on the little man?