September 18, 2009

Teeth?! Really?

OK, so I've been terrible about Blogging lately.  Sorry. Here's the update on what our little man is doing.

First, Carter was on steroids for five days to try and strengthen his airway.  They have seemed to work and he's doing much better although he still has an occasional bout with it tightening up.  Those moments are really scary so we're glad that they are declining although we would be happier if he didn't do it at all. We're just going to give him more time to heal.  The weaning of his Oxygen is going pretty well.  He's comfortable at a 1/4 liter which is about where he was way back before the Heart Cath.

Developmentally Carter has been doing some VERY exciting things.  He's started to focus on objects and turn his head to follow them.  He's also taken a liking to the TV (especially Football....not sure where he got that from lol!). As I type this, he's playing on the floor and looks like he's so close to rolling onto his tummy. His eating has been going well, and he weighs about 10 lbs. 10 ounces now.  The last week I've actually felt like I've had a "normal" baby for the first time.  He seems to be like a 3 month old which is about where he should be for his adjusted age.  Our next feat is to get him to start batting at objects.  He seems to be so close to doing it.

Today while I was playing with him I noticed a little white slit on the top of his gum.  I can't believe it, but our little guy has actually gotten his first tooth!  It is on his upper right.  I'm not sure which tooth it is because of the way his gum is shaped on that side, but I'm guessing it's his front right.  He's growing up quickly now!

On Monday he has an appointment with an Audiologist to find out how his hearing is now that the tube in his left ear has been placed. We're hoping for good news.  It would be nice if his hearing was excellent because it would mean that we might not have to do anything for the right ear.  We can only pray!

Mikey and Jovie have been enjoying school.  Life is certainly a lot busier once your kids are old enough to have activities.

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