December 27, 2009


Here is the completed Nativity.  Isn't it precious?  Thank you to our Secret Family for making this holiday season extra special for us. Your notes made us reflect on what Christmas is really about.

Our Christmas was spent at home this year. On Christmas Eve Michael brought home a new Wii game, and we made a bunch of finger foods.   We had a few visitors throughout the day which made it even more fun.  Here are the kids in their new Christmas jammies.

Carter looked so cute in his big boy jammies.  It cracks me up because they are a size 3-6 months.

The kids woke up at about 7:30 Christmas morning.  Carter slept in until about 8:00, and then he wanted in on the action.

Major sleepy eye.

Carter loved his new floor mirror.

Check out these gorgeous gifts!
A Secret Santa snuck these gifts into the back of Michael's truck.  How sweet is that?!  You won't believe what was inside of each one.  Each of the kids got some REALLY nice outfits that included socks, pants, shirts, and hoodies from our favorite store.  Carter got a very soft blanket too! Then one of them had a huge box of chocolates, a Christmas CD, and a photo keychain.  The card was very nice telling us to believe in Santa Claus, and there was a letter that told the story about "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".  I am seriously floored at how kind this person was to do all of this for us.  Your generosity is too much! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The kids loved their outfits, and they were the perfect size. You'll never know how much this act of kindness has meant to us.  We feel very blessed.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out in our pajamas. It was the best Christmas ever!

Carter is nine months old today.  Can you believe it? Nine months old. He's moving right along with things.  I've noticed that I've been lacking in his therapies for the last couple of weeks with the holidays, so for the last two days we've been doing some major workouts. 
I started him back up on cereal, and as you can see he loves it.

NOT!  This is Carter saying "Are you trying to kill me?!?!"

He's actually doing pretty well with it.  I just need to stick with it so he can keep getting better at it.


Phyllis said...

oh my gosh, the face! I love the look on his face with the cereal! And I love those big boy pjs. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

Lacey said...

Yeah for eating by mouth!! He looks so sweet in his jammies. Its funny for me to, to have my 4 year old wearing 12-18 month clothes!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas!

Stephanie said...

LOVE all the pics! The kids are adorable as usual.

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas, too!