December 30, 2009

The Next Phase

Yes, I had a lot of miscarriages.  Now those all seem to be explained by a chromosomal issue, but at the time it just seemed to be our cross to bear. We had testing done and everything came back normal. Yes, each one put a hole in our hearts and to think about all of our children that were never born can get to be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, after miscarriage two or three we started to get a little numb to it. Doesn't that sound awful?  It became to be almost expected. It doesn't meant that it didn't hurt, but it certainly didn't hurt as much. I believe that those losses only made us better parents and made us appreciate our children more. At least we were graced with two healthy children. There are many couples out there who never have that opportunity. I tend to always have the mindset that things could be a LOT worse.

So, there we were. Pregnant with Carter. I seriously think that I held my breath for those first three months.  It seemed as though they flew by with the business of having two other kids. I knew he was a boy from the very beginning.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind.  The beginning of the pregnancy was very typical.  A little morning sickness, but nothing major.  Everything looked wonderful on the ultrasounds... that is until we went in for our big 20 week ultrasound. 

It seems like a lifetime ago, but here are the blog posts from when I was pregnant with him: My Pregnancy With Carter .

There's more to come tomorrow.

On a current note, we took Carter to his checkup with the Cardiologist and everything looks great!  This doc agreed with the Pulmonologist that we could try weaning the little guy down on his O2 during the day.  I'd been kind of putting this on the back burner while we concentrate on other things, but am definitely going to start trying him out on a 16th more.  He does fine on room air until he gets upset, and then he gets himself into trouble.  I used to be in a hurry to get him off of O2, but I've learned that with Carter he'll do it in his own time.

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Phyllis said...

I love these posts! I never knew you "pre-Carter" so it is nice to hear your story (although sad about the miscarriages) I hope it is helpful for you to tell it.