December 14, 2009

Secret Family and Dance Class

So, I mentioned in the earlier post that Jovie had her dance recital today.  She did awesome!  She's too darn cute with how seriously she takes dance.

We've had a few little surprises at our doorstep the last few nights.  A Secret Family has been leaving us pieces of this adorable Nativity scene with notes telling us how each piece is a symbol of Christmas.  The first night we got the background, the second was the Manger, and tonight we got the donkey with the cart.  Our kids are LOVING this, and can't wait to see what comes next.  I don't know if our Secret Family reads our blog, but if they do Thank you!  I can't believe how thoughtful people can be.


Amber said...

That's awesome! Very fun!!
I've been wanting this nativity set...can you believe I have 5 kids and DON'T own this? :0)

Gretchen said...

The second picture of Jovie dancing cracks me up and the third picture of her is so adorable! What a cutie!

Anderson Family said...

That is by far my favorite nativity set ever! My kids play with it all of December and they love it!

Sherry C said...

She is so adorable.