February 11, 2010

Signing Day Friday

So do you want
MORE Signing Day Friday?  That is the sign for More.  You kind of tap those fingers together in front of you.  Jovie will ask me for more treats, I'll tell her no, so she'll sign more.  Gets me every time lol!  See, it's only our second week and you can already ask for "more milk", or in my case "more sleep"!

How about the next letter of the alphabet.  The letter "B"

And finally, we're
All Done!


Layton Family said...

Thanks for signing time!!! I have always wanted to learn sign language but made the time. I am excited to teach it to my 13 month old.

Queen Bee said...

I love the signing lessons. It's great. I know I have no "need" for it, but I use to learn and can do the alphabet but not words. Love learning with you guys.

Sherry C said...

what a great idea for posts! Love it! My daughter use the All Done sign when she is feeding and had enough.