February 19, 2010

Signing Day Friday

Let's start off with the most important sign of all.


You make the "A" sign with both hands and put them against your chest like this.

Now, who does Carter love?

That's right! Mommy. You're supposed to tap that thumb to your chin, but some people do a double tap.

He also loves
It's the same sign only on the forehead.  I remember the difference by thinking that Daddy uses his brain while Mommy just talks a lot. Some people think of it as men are taller than women.  Whatever works for you.

Have a truly excellent weekend!  I hope to post some pics of Jovie's birthday tomorrow!


Phyllis said...

i was an asl interpreting major for awhile in college-we were told the sign for boy was like the brim of a boys hat and the sign for girl was tracing the bonnet string. Who knows? I like your brain/talking theory!!! I love the pics below. Happy Birthday Jovie!!

stacey said...

Love these posts, Heather! :)
And happy birthday to sweet Jovie.