February 24, 2010

The Update On Carter

He has been one busy guy...that's for sure!  This could be a long post.

Where to begin... Where to begin.

Well, first of all, he has been working really hard on his sitting skills.  He can do it on his own if you sit him on your lap just right. Of course I always keep my hands close to him just in case.  I think that he's still a long ways away from being able to sit on the floor without help, but we're definitely on our way there.  I've been having him sit in his Bumbo chair to watch me cook.  It's good practice for him, and until recently he wasn't able to do it without getting really winded.

Overall, he just feels a lot more solid.  He is still working on the tummy time.  Carter has also found that he LOVES the game where you make him jump, or bounce on your lap.  It's sure to bring a grin and even a laugh at times.

He had an appointment with Dysphagia a couple of weeks ago.  For those who don't know, Dysphagia is a feeding clinic.  I was really excited for this one because I had a very positive experience at it last time.  This time around was completely different.  They weren't too happy with his weight gain, and with the things they were saying I felt as though they were blaming me.  I won't go into any more details, but I'll just say that Carter proved them wrong by gaining a pound during the next two weeks and that was without me changing his diet at all.  He's now up to almost 15 lbs which his pediatrician is thrilled with.  If you look at his growth curve, it is obvious that he's starting to catch up. Keep on keepin' on little buddy!

We had an appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday.  It was supposed to be an appointment where we were going to schedule his next surgery, but it turned into something scary.  This doctor is typically very mellow and doesn't rush into anything.  Michael and I could tell that something was off when the doctor came in to talk to us, and didn't take his eyes off of Carter even while he was talking to us.  He then walked over and started feeling Carter's skull.  The doc wanted to know if he had ever had a head CT done...which he had in the NICU.  The doc recommended that we get one done immediately since he suspected that Carter might have Craniostenosis . This is when the sutures in an infant's skull fuse too early causing pressure on the brain.  It can lead to severe brain injuries.  Needless to say, that was one LONG hour while we waited for the results. It reminded me of the days of the NICU.   Thankfully we ended up with good news.  The sutures in his forehead have fused early, but the doc said he wouldn't do anything to fix it and he wouldn't even recommend a helmet.  Thank you Jesus.  That could have set Carter back unbelievably far.  We still don't have the date set for his surgery since they had to coordinate with different doctors, but should find out soon.  All that we do know is that it will be in May, and probably on a Monday.

We have a lot of appointments coming up. On Tuesday we are getting another ultrasound on his kidney and the Adrenal Hemorrhage, then Urology, then ENT.  On Wednesday we see Opthalmology.  The following week we are seeing an Endocrinologist to get all of Carter's hormones and glands checked.  Our pediatrician recommended that we get an overall checkup on this since he is having problems with his Adrenal gland.  The next day we have an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon.  Carter has a part of his spine that bows out.  It's most likely either C-shaped Scoliosis, or Kyphosis.  I'm guessing that he'll proably need some bracing, and I'm praying no surgery is needed, but if it is...bring it on!

The little guy was very popular lately/  He got one package in the mail last week,  and got TWO packages today.  Nobody else got mail today, it was all about Carter. 

Last week he got a special needs nipple like I showed you here: Special Needs Feeder.
Carter's little friend, Carter (how ironic!) has had his soft palate repaired, and didn't need it anymore.  Thank you Carter!!

The next thing he got was from my good friend April . 
Woo Hoo! (Michael was thrilled!)  Thank you April!

Then he got a package from his good friend, Jaxson.

It is a blanket made special for Carter by Jaxson's Blankies For Babes

Jaxson's Blankies for Babes

Isn't it just precious?!  I couldn't get him to throw out any smiles, but I assure you that he LOVES it. Thank you so much Jaxson.  We're always praying for you little buddy!!


Junior said...

Carter you are such a cutie, love the pics with your new blanket.

Tina said...

Gosh you have a very busy time coming up...praying all the appointments go well.
Carter love the pics of you all cozied up in your blanket...

jjpsmommy07 said...

Great job sitting in your chair Carter! You are a busy little boy so good luck with all your upcoming appointments and I love your new blankie!

Lacey said...

Lookin good with the blankie little man! I love that pic of him sitting in his bumbo. He needs to teach Jax how to do that!

Sherry C said...

He is one busy little guy reminds me of Ashley's first year a bit I bet in time all his appointments will slow down. I love the blanket and the WEIGHT gain way to eat Carter keep it up.

Phyllis said...

He is just so so cute! cant pick my favorite picture!!

Queen Bee said...

What a cutie pie! Glad the ct scan came out okay. Sounds like you are one busy mom! Love the pics in the blanket!!

Knowledge Safari said...

Wow you guys are busy! Carter is such a cutie.

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Shannon Bender said...

That's right Carter!! Keep on Keepin' on! Heather, you guys are so lucky to have him. What a blessing and miracle! He's also lucky to have you. Awesome.

Colleen said...

He just melts my heart every time! You can tell that he's smiling with his eyes in the pictures. Way to go with the sitting little man!

Danielle said...

Thank you for sharing your blog. Your children are beautiful. Carter is a miracle. What an amazing little darling.

Stephanie said...

He is such a beautiful little guy!! Thanks for the update!!