January 14, 2010

The Special Needs Feeder

Carter finally got his new bottles in the mail today.  Hooray!

He has to use a special bottle because of his cleft palate.  Actually, several special needs kids use it even if they don't have a cleft.  It is called a Special Needs Feeder formerly called the Haberman. This bottle actually didn't work very well for Carter until after his surgery.  Before the surgery he was using a different type of nipple called a Pigeon nipple.  I had hoped that he could stay on the Pigeon because they are much cheaper than the Haberman.  The Pigeon nipple runs about $6 and is sold at our children's hospital.  The Haberman is $17 and I have only found it at two stores in our state. I know that doesn't sound too bad, but these nipples wear out after about 6 weeks, so it adds up quickly.  I'm not complaining one bit because I'm just grateful that he can eat anything by mouth.

Here's what one looks like.

While Carter sucks, milk comes into the nipple and can't flow back out into the bottle.  This way every time he pushes the nipple against his prosthetic, milk will go into his mouth.  You can also give it a little squeeze occasionally to give him more.  It truly becomes a little dance that's a little difficult to perfect.  Here's what the top part looks like taken apart.

The while membrane sits on the yellow valve. This is what releases pressure to let milk into the nipple. Pretty cool huh?!  When I say $17 for the nipple...that's exactly what it's for. Just the nipple.  If we want the yellow collar, valve and membrane then the total comes to $22 with an 80ml container (Which is too small for C), or $26 with a 150ml container.  Luckily, I found a deal on these through a small drugstore in Alabama. I got two of them for $47 shipped.


Snarky Mom said...

Oh how those pictures take me back to when Camden used the Haberman bottles. Sigh...Have you tried getting your insurance to pay for them? Ours paid for 2 a month for Camden until he turned one. After that, I bought them brand new off ebay for about $8 a nipple.

Lacey said...

Has his palate been repaired? My friends baby used those before his palate was repaired. He didn't have a cleft lip, just palate.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow what a racket! Have you looked on eBay? I imagine you can get a better deal there. Try your insurance? Although in the end, if he eats from them, they are worth anything!! :)

Sarah said...
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Amber said...

My Carter had his palate repaired in December, and so he no longer uses the Haberman. I have one nipple that I ordered that I never had to use. It is still in the package. If you are interested, I would love to give it to your sweet Carter. I could just send it to you. If you want to write me an email back: ochoaamber@gmail.com I was wondering what I was going to do with it, and did not want it to go to waste!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm pretty sure there is a store here that sells them (I heard a mom talking about them at one of our meetings). If you need another source for them - just let me know & I'll make sure.