January 22, 2010


I have an announcement to make.

Really, it's not a big deal, but I'm still kind of excited about it.

I have been asked to write a column for Michael's quarterly work newsletter. You'll never guess what it's called...TEAM CARTER! Pretty cool eh?

Here's the story that Friendly Frank wrote to pass the baton over to me...

"Well, as you all know, I'm getting pretty old ... Heck, I was old when I started this column.  I've shared so many stories since 2005 and it seems as though I've run plum out. With stories I can put in print, anyway.
It has been a great ride for me ... and so much fun reminiscing with you younguns. But now, I feel I should say "so long". Ya know, when you run out of stories, you lose the readers.
I want you all to always remember how much the railroad industry has changed since I was working and how tough things were without all the new technology you younguns have to work with. But it was a way of life ... just like it is nowadays ... and we really did love it!
Signing off, Friendly Frank says" "Keep them trains right on movin' ... SAFELY!"
Now, I'm going to turn this column over to "TEAM CARTER". This will be a truly enjoyable and inspiring human interest story. I'm sure at times the stories about Carter and his family will have you laughing out loud and at times you just might shed a tear. Nevertheless, these will be stories you don't want to miss, and Carter just turned 8 months old.  Stay tuned!"

Hopefully I can manage to not embarrass my poor husband at his workplace. Wish me luck!


Junior said...

Congrats, such wonderful news.

heather said...

yay and congrats!!! and i've been reading what you've been sharing about carter's early days. my heart breaks-you must have been so scared, but then i see your little sweetheart and it makes me smile!

Lacey said...

Thats so cool. They will enjoy reading about his life experiences!

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You really have a beautiful family. I look forward to following your journey with your amazing little man, what a miracle he is indeed!