January 19, 2010

Today's Appointment

Didn't go terribly, but it didn't go well either.

We had an appointment with Urology today to check on little C's Kidneys.  First was an ultrasound where the tech discovered that Carter has an Adrenal Hemorrhage. Basically, his Adrenal Gland is bleeding.  Yuck!  Just the sound of those words is scary.  The Hemorrhage just looked like a ball with some fibers in it.  I could tell before they even told us that it wasn't supposed to be there.  The Radiologist and Urologist agree that the best thing to do is just to watch it.  We have to go back in six weeks to be sure that it's going away on it's own.  If it doesn't, then we'll have to do something more drastic.  I'm really wondering what has caused this since it seems that it is usually caused by either a blow to the side (which has not happened), or stress.  Carter certainly doesn't seem stressed to me, and he hasn't had anything happen too recently that would cause his body stress unless you count just living for him. Poor little one.  The Urologist told us that he's never seen one of these where it didn't end up fixing itself, but honestly that didn't give me much peace of mind.  Obviously Carter makes his own rules.
His kidneys also look more dilated than they did on the last ultrasound.  The doctor thinks that it's defnitely because of his Vesicoureteral Reflux.
Vesi what?
Vesicoureteral Reflux is one of the abnormalities Carter was born with.  Basically it means that his urine flows back up through his ureters and into his kidneys.  The problem is that this can cause Urinary Tract Infections very easily.  Carter has to take a low dose of antibiotics every day to prevent them.  Sometimes kids outgrow this, but it looks like C's still got it. He gets another test to see if it's improved in six more months. If it doesn't go away, then there is a surgery to correct it.  I guess we'll find out in six weeks if he's improving with either of these things.  *sigh*


Lacey said...

Oh thats right, you were going to be up there. Dang, we should have gotten together!

Colleen said...

Isaac's sister had Vesicoureteral Reflux when she was born. She had to be on antibiotics for a whole year. Luckily by the time she was about 2 1/2 it went away. I will be praying for Carter tons!!

Stephanie said...

Prayers, that it goes away!