January 21, 2010

Brotherly Love

So sweet!  Mikey is one of Carter's biggest fans.  He gets excited about everything the little guy does, and reports stuff to me all of the time. I couldn't get a decent picture of these two together because as you can see, Carter loves to touch faces now.
The little guy has kept me busy this week with a lot of therapies and just plain ole' playing.  Here are a few pics of him in his crib.  There are a few things that are really exciting about these pictures.  Can you guess what they are?

OK, I'll just tell you.  The first thing is that he's smiling.  Awww. So cute!  He's smiling at the drop of a hat now which is so nice. What a happy guy! 

The second thing is that he's watching his mobile.  Just within the last couple of weeks has he shown any interest in it. I remember that Mikey loved his mobile, and I suspect that Carter is going to be the same.

The third thing is that he's laying on the back of his head and staying there.  That seems like something that should come easy to him, but he's just barely starting to do this as well.  The way his skull is shaped makes it hard for him to do this, so even if you look through old pictures on this blog you'll notice that he's almost always on his side. We're so proud!

We had vision therapy yesterday and hearing therapy today.  During vision therapy we learned that Carter REALLY likes the touch and feel books.  We'll definitely be ordering some of those.  I also pulled out our portable DVD player and tried out some Baby Einstein yesterday, and he's definitely a fan of that too.  It's so nice to see him liking new things.  It looks like he's finally moved on from his swing.  We're still working diligently on the tummy time stuff. Today he lifted his head three separate times while he was laying flat on the ground.  He can do it easily when he's propped on the Boppy, but this was the first time he did it on the ground.


Junior said...

Way to go Carter. such cute pics

Stephanie said...

YAY Carter! What sweet boys, you have! : )

Kelli said...

Yay Carter! I love hearing about all of the great things you are doing...keep up the great work!

What a sweet picture of Mikey and Carter. I LOVE the touching of the face. Colin loves doing that as well. I just think it's so sweet!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a sweet picture of the boys together. I love that Carter is touching his face. And look at the smile! Melt my heart ....