March 31, 2010

The A+ Tooth Fairy Sickness

Well, Carter's sick.

Both of the older kids had some sort of virus about two weeks ago that gave them a lovely cough and high fevers. Carter has had the cough for about a week, but no fever. It's been pretty much in his throat, so I've been keeping his area humidified, bringing him into the steamy bathroom occasionally, and just keeping an eye on him. The last two days it sounds like it's moving down into his lungs which is what scares me. Otherwise, he's doing pretty well. We haven't had to change his Oxygen settings, and his Sats are staying normal. He's just a little overly cranky. His pediatrician squeezed us in today at 4:10, so I'll post an update as soon as I can.

On a more positive note, Mikey got his Kindergarten report card and got all 3's! That would be equal to all A's! I know that he's only in Kindergarten, but he has struggled in a few areas since the beginning of the year and it's so good to see such a huge improvement. Way to go Mikey.

He also lost his very first top tooth. What a cutie!


Anonymous said...

awsome micky cant wait to see your grown up tooth in its place!
Love Sammy

Kristin said...

Hope Carter's feeling better soon.

Sherry C said...

Oh love the tooth fairy but not those bugs yuck! great picture of Micky

Colleen said...

Carter, you can't get sick like your little friend Isaac. I'm glad to hear that his Sats are still good.

It's so fun when the teeth start coming out!