March 9, 2010

A Trip To Ortho


We're Done!

We're done with the two weeks of millions of appointments!

The Ortho appointment went as well as it could have.  They took some X-Rays of Carter's spine during which time he managed to charm the nurse who told me that she was taking Carter home with her.  I told her that he had a lot of accessories, and she said that she didn't care because he was so cute and totally worth it!  Of course I agree with her, but I am a little biased.

The doctor was a very kind man, and decided that Carter has a Spinal Kyphosis , BUT he thinks that most of it is just bad posture which will be corrected as Carter gets bigger and stronger.  He does not want to put a brace on him for now because it would only make his trunk muscles weaker.  The doctor said that it's a very good sign that Carter is trying to sit on his own, and only adds to his theory.  We just have to keep on with the Physical Therapy, and go back for another visit in 6 months.

I did say that we're done with appointments, but that's not entirely true.  Mostly, we're just done with the appointments that I was nervous for.  Carter still has two more Pediatrician appointments, a Speech Evaluation, and an Audiology appointment in the month of March.  He also has to see an Opthalmologist/Plastic Surgeon to see if we can possibly squeeze getting the eyelid weight put in during Carter's surgery in May.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but it's looking like that will happen on May 19th.  I'll know for sure next week.


Stephanie said...

I agree, Carter is a cutie! :)

Continued prayers for his development, he's an amazing little fella!

Kelli said...

Who wouldn't want to take that cute lil' guy home?

Glad to hear the appointments went well!

ParkerMama said...

I had to smile at your 'million appointments' comment. :)

Been there, done that, really tired of the t-shirt.

I'd take your guy home any day!

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter