March 17, 2010

Team Carter Shirts & 5K Runs

OK, here is the update on the 5K runs and the Team Carter shirts.  Before I get into all of the specifics, let me just say that we plan on doing several of these in the years to come.  We think it's a fun way to show some support for Carter, and also keep in shape.

Well, I'm not in shape yet, but maybe it will inspire me to get there (the key word there is maybe).

Operation Smile 5K Run/Walk: If you would like to celebrate Carter's first birthday by joining us for this run/walk, we'd love to have you! The run is a 5K, and the walk is 1 mile. It is in on March 27th, and in Orem. The race starts at 10:00. There is a $15 fee for the run, and a $12 fee for the walk, BUT all proceeds go to Operation Smile. That fee also includes an Operation Smile 5K T-shirt. There is also going to be music, drawings, and food. It looks like a good time... just pray for good weather! To sign up, or for more information, you can click here: Operation Smile 5K .  We won't have Team Carter shirts in time for this race, but I plan on doing some sort of ribbon to show our support for Little C!  :)

Clinton City Fun Run: This is the race that we had originally planned to do for Carter, and we've decided that we're still going to do it.  I still don't have a lot of details on it except that it is typically held in the middle to the end of July and on a Saturday.  It is usually at about 6:00 am because the city parade is right after it. The fees last year were $10.00 without a shirt, and $15.00 with a shirt.  I believe those were the pre-register prices, and the fees went up by $5 if you registered on the day of the race. As soon as I have more info on this one, or any other races I'll post more!

Team Carter Shirts:

I had decided to wait until next year's Operation Smile race to order T-Shirts, but in my own Heather way, changed my mind.  If you know me at all, this is so true to my fashion!  Anyway, we're going to be putting in an order on June 2nd, SO the deadline to order will be June 1st. I expect them to be about $7.50 each, and we will have Adult sizes XXL-S, and Youth sizes S-L.  They will be here in time for the Clinton City Fun Run if you were planning on attending that event with us, but know that even if you don't want a shirt we would love to see you there!  To order, you can email me at I'll be putting a button on the sidebar to as a reminder too.

I don't want anybody to feel pressured at all to get a shirt in order to participate in a race with us, or to even participate in a race. It's just a fun thing that we're doing, and wanted everyone to know that you're invited to join us.  We appreciate all of your prayers and support... believe me when I say that is plenty!


Brett said...

Can I just get a shirt to wear around town?

TMI Tara said...

We had plans to do a couple 5K's and half marathons last year. My husband and I were going to do shirts and then push Chloe along in a jogging stroller. It was such a fabulous idea!

Then while we were training, my husband broke his foot and I developed neuropathy in my toes. We just aren't cut out for this stuff! Such a bummer!!! lol!